About us

About us

29 Oct, 2021 admintkwn


Formed in the early years of the 21st century, PMC-Vietnam Company with constant efforts and creativity has become solid and reputable in the market. We have become the leading distributor and importer in the non-ferrous metal industry in Vietnam.
The competitiveness of PMC-Vietnam is: “People” so we focus on training high-quality human resources with vision, orientation, professionalism, creativity, enthusiasm, diversity. responsibility and a sense of responsibility, to bring satisfaction to customers.

We believe that: “A business rich in grey matter and culture must not only make the business grow but also contribute to the society”. Therefore, we always take People as the core value to develop and bring the best quality and most effective products and services.
Always pioneering and adapting is the strength of PMC –Vietnam, we aim to be a combination of distribution and import companies in many industries to meet the innovation and economic development of Vietnam and the world in the future.

Sustainable development, together with Prosperity is our commitment to customers.

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